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Worried about the radiation emitted from the mobile devices, laptop, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors or Smart TV hurting you or your loved ones? Fix Envirochip on these devices to give yourself the much-needed protection. Made with proprietary radiation-protection technology, Envirochip ensures that you no longer have to worry about the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on your health.

Clinically Tested and Certified

Go beyond just protecting your phone to ensuring your safety with Envirocover. One of its kind, Envirocover is built on the Envirochip's radiation protection technology protecting you and your loved ones from e-pollution. With Envirocover, we have got you covered.

Clinically Tested and Certified Technology

Besides personal wireless devices, mobile towers, IoT devices, network boosters and other networking devices significantly contribute to the increasing levels of e-smog as well, leading to various health problems. Enviroglobe keeps your surrounding safe from the harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation. A premium portable device, built on the proprietary radiation protection technology, Enviroglobe creates a 300 sq. feet of radiation-safe environment.

Internationally Tested and Awarded

Clinically Tested and Certified Solutions

  • Certified from Max Healthcare, India (Max Hospitals) for proven health benefits.
  • CE Certified
  • It is reviewed by well renowned MIT's (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Technology Review
  • Internationally tested and certified by Singapore Green Building Council for an eco-friendly product.
  • Tested and certified by DB Technology, Cambridge, UK.- for no impact on the signal strength of the device.
  • Proven test results published in an international journal - Journal of Biomedical Science & Engineering, USA
  • Certificate received from Steria India

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