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Make Your World Healthier & Safer

Envirocover comes embedded with the Envirochip which helps you to use it like any other phone cover- but with added radiation protection.

Ratings & Reviews

Jyoti Sharma
1 May, 2020

Really happy with this product. Good tests, very easy to use – just peel and apply on phone and it’s good to go.

Vineet kumar
12 Apr, 2020

I was searching for mobile accessories & I found this Envirocover. I have tried the demo which was shown in the video on their youtube. Now a days everyone is always on their cellphone and if we can spend on our expensive mobile phones, I think we should also take care for our protection too.

Product Description

• Clinically tested & certified technology to safeguard from harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile devices.
• Compatible with all leading smartphones and feature phones brands.
• Available in 3 variants: a single pack chip in different colors, set of four in a family pack, and a set of two in a dual pack. - Nothing to do with the cover.
• Does not affect the signal strength of your device.


The Envirocover can be used as any other mobile phone cover. Simply put it on your mobile device and the Envirochip will do the rest


Envirocover helps you to protect from e-radiation emitted from your mobile devices.

The Envirochip embedded within the Envirocover is built with inert materials and works on the principle of superimposition that doesn’t compromise your signal strength or connectivity of the device.

It helps neutralize the nature of harmful radiation thereby offering complete protection for you and your family with proven benefits.