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Make Your World Healthier & Safer

E-radiation is also emitted from external sources like mobile towers, TV transmitters, high tension wire lines and even your neighbor's Wi-Fi.

Ratings & Reviews

Atul kharbanda
22 Jan, 2020

A device to protect you from radiation at a nominal price, that is a dream. I recently bought Enviroglobe as I became aware of the kind of radiation I am exposed to on a daily basis. With just a few minutes to charge, the device then proceeds to give me a blanket of safety against various radiation emitting devices at my home and office. A real bodyguard from harmful radiations.

Kishor Kumar
17 Mar, 2020

I bought the Enviroglobe a couple of days ago and i must say that it looks great on my office table. I also feel much better at work knowing that it's around protecting me from radiation.An Amazing Product

11 Mar, 2020

Received this globe recently as a gift from a friend who came across this. It's a beautiful, designer looking piece, I love it. This is a must have in today's times when we are surrounded by mobile towers all around us.

Gurpreet k.
4 May, 2020

My friend suggested me to get this product, I was not very aware about how radiation works but then she told me everything about it and how this brand promises to neutralize the radiation from the devices. I have 2 toddlers and guess what, they already know how to operate my phone! II thought I should definitely give it a try and get it for my home too. It's been only 7 days of using it I am loving it already! Totally a good investment!

Product Description

Enviroglobe is based on Envirochip’s radiation protection technology that helps you protect you and your loved ones from harmful radiation within an area of 250 sq.ft. You can extend the range of protection by placing multiple Enviroglobes at equal distances from one another.

• Enviroglobe is based on Radiation Protection Technology that provides e-smog and radiation protection for healthier homes and families.
• Internationally tested & certified technology.
• Does not compromise the signal strength of your device.
• Each Enviroglobe provides complete radiation protection for up to 250 sq feet area.


No need of batteries or adaptors, you can simply charge by placing it under the sunlight, for only a couple of minutes every week.

Enviroglobe is simple to use. Simply place it at your desk, table, living room, bedroom, car, office space, absolutely wherever you want, and get a radiation protected zone of up to 250 sq.feet.


• Enviroglobe’s radiation protection technology helps you protect you and your family from surrounding e-radiations emitted from both internal and external sources.
• Enviroglobe covers a radius of 250 sq.ft., protecting your home, car, workspace or anywhere you place it, from harmful effects of radiation.
• Enviroglobe is proven to reduce stress levels in adults and children alike.